Doubet Consulting Services

Outsourced Marketing & PR Agency

Many clients choose Doubet to oversee and implement all marketing and PR functions from strategy to day to day operations as they find it more effective and efficient. With our passion and enthusiasm for working on various projects, clients enjoy Doubet's creativity for evaluating their business holistically while handling the project from inception to completion. For businesses who do have an established marketing department, Doubet often advises works in tandem with the department while handling additional services such as Public Relations. As a member of the team, it's not surprising when Doubet represents its clients at meetings and presentations.

1-to 1 Consulting

Our consulting services help clients tackle the issues affecting their business on a day to day basis. From one time conversations or weekly sessions, the goal is simple; you should leave a meeting with Doubet with tangible solutions for moving your business forward.

Public Relations

When we opened the PR division of our business ten years ago, the goal was simple. Give smaller businesses the opportunity to receive media attention. Doubet's public relations services provide your business the same tools offered by larger public relations firms, yet its programs are tailored for the small business owner. For those who want to test the waters, Doubet's scalable PR services help clients understand what public relations is without breaking the bank By understanding your business, we proactively look for stories and create pitches that work for your business. We believe small businesses should be on television, in national magazines, newspapers and on the radio and we have the expertise and resources to help get them there.

Event PR: Doubet's PR experience for events turns even those who did not believe in PR into believers! From event strategy to working with sponsors and the press, Doubet has you covered.

Marketing & Online Strategy: Doubet creates marketing plans that position a company's unique qualities while ensuring revenue goals can be met. From ensuring your SEO and Social Marketing Programs are on target to managing Ad words and retargeting programs, we ensure your goals are clear and are working.

Branding & Message Communication: Every business has a brand, which represents a promise to the customer. Doubet specializes in crafting messages that reinforce your company's strengths while evaluating and mitigating its weaknesses. Doubet participates in every aspect of branding, from mission statements to name creation to message execution and beyond.

Drafting Marketing Communications: While other company's outsource writing to others, Doubet's drafts and develops materials such as brochures, advertisements, sales letters, direct mail, press materials, websites blog postings and newsletters in-house. This proves to be more effective for our clients as the message is never lost.

Social Media Management: Doubet ensures your company's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pintrest pages are strengthening your online presence. While other businesses make promises, Doubet ensures your brand and its values are represented.

K-12 Educational Outreach: With almost twenty years of experience marketing to the various sectors of the K-12 education community, Doubet understands how to reach educators, administrators, parents, and students. Our expertise in educational marketing has allowed even the smallest of businesses to break into this very hard to reach market.

Public Speaking: Doubet is often asked to present its ideas on marketing, outreach, and PR to large groups. Our breadth of experience has helped guide both emerging entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals.

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